OpenStudio is a company expert in web technologies. It creates efficient and well-referenced websites based on Symfony2.

Our Skills

Graphic Design Workshop

Innovate, amaze, and enhance, these are our company’s driving principles. Our graphic designers work with you to bring to life the graphic style and environment of your website and documents: plaques, posters, stalls…

Mobility and Responsive Design

We include flexible problem-solving during the design stage, so that your visibility will be the same regardless of the broadcast channel. With our versatility, we are able to suggest the creation of applications native to IOS and Android, while also developing responsive multi platform designs.

Passionate Technical Experts

Our specialist developers cover a very wide range of web technologies: HTML5, symfony2, whilst also possessing great expertise in the major CMS: Drupal, WordPress, SPIP, ezPublish.

Boost your Online Presence

Our e-marketing and online communication specialists will work with you to boost your activity, using a large set of available tools: social networks, customer loyalty programs, SEO, emailing.

Recognized and Diverse Know-How

Having the experience of more than 250 successful projects under our belt, and acclaimed by the most prestigious of business competitions, our agency possesses a unique know-how that allows us to work with you regardless of your area of activity or budget.

E-commerce Specialist

Provider of one of the greatest e-commerce solutions in France, since 2005 OpenStudio has been involved with over 300 stores. We improve the profitability of your activity by taking into account your professional expertise and creating a synergy of our company’s diverse talent: graphic designers, e-marketing specialists, developers, and SEO experts.

Thelia, the next generation e-commerce, based on Symfony2



Openstudio has been an e-commerce professional for 10 years and has enabled thousand of retailers to improve and increase their business. Since 2012, we have enhanced Thelia by using cutting-edge technologies and we have laid the first stone of the new generation of e-commerce solutions. Thelia has been developed with open standards and provides an API to communicate with other applications such as CRMs, PIMs, ERPs .

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Our agency

Based in France, our agency creates websites for customers from all over the world. Our team is organized in a way that allows us to deal with very diverse clients and projects with the exact same efficiency every time.

We provide important and recurring services for big international enterprises, yet we also employ the same amount of passion for timely services provided to SMEs.

Our team of 40 associates covers the entirety of web professions. Our goal was to offer comprehensive services to customers who wanted them. Our domain of expertise continues to expand: branding, SEM, hosting, as well as providing of printing services.

Technical design takes place from a distance, in our offices, but our project managers and experts are mobile and close to our clients when needed.

We always put forward high-end services, but at a controlled cost.

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Arnault Pachot

Co-founder - CEO

After completing higher education in Mathematics and Information Technology, Arnault worked for 10 years in various IT services in France and Canada as Development Engineer and Quality Manager.

In 2005 he discovered open software and is passionate about this new way of cooperation and sharing. An entrepreneur at heart, he decided to create OpenStudio in 2006, so as to provide website development services.

Thanks to his free contributions to multiple CMS, he was asked to work on increasingly important projects.

Year after year, his role at the heart of the company evolved: at first an independent developer, then project manager, now he’s the one responsible for the company’s strategy. He has played a major role in the technological choices of Thelia 2 and the internationalization of the software.

A father of three, he also harbors a passion for travel and gatherings!


Emmanuel Nurit

Co-founder - CEO

Emmanuel has been an e-commerce specialist for more than 10 years. He has worked for multiple agencies in France and found himself involved quite early on with open software, notably by contributing since 2005 to osCommerce software.

His desire for independence pushed him to create the community « Pas Facile A retenir » (Not Catchy) in 2005. The young company developed rapidly with prestigious contracts for the biggest of NGOs.

By the end of 2009, after meeting with Arnault Pachot, the two entrepreneurs found a common understanding and decided to work together in OpenStudio and recruit associates, so as to continue the development of their activities.

His warm personality and his ability to manage the associates around him make Emmanuel a charismatic leader appreciated by the whole of the company.

Passionate for both his enterprise and new technologies, Emmanuel also enjoys distancing himself from the work environment to be with his family, his friends, and his children.


Cédric Sibaud

Chief Technology Officer

After having worked in prestigious communications agencies, Cédric decided to create, together with some friends, the company called Octolys to create an offer of e-commerce related services. It’s 2005 and the e-commerce world is booming. The majority of offered services consists of proprietary software. Along with Yoan de Macedo, they decide to publish the online marketing software they’re developing under a free license: that software was Thelia. It’s the beginning of an adventure which will lead to the creation of more than 10,000 online stores in France!

In 2008, they meet with the manager of another company, OpenStudio, which works with open software. After many years of working together, in 2012 they make the decision to merge and invest in an ambitious redesign in Symfony2 of the Thelia software.
Gifted with excellent interpersonal skills and contagious enthusiasm, Cédric develops and organizes the commercial activity of OpenStudio. Nowadays, he runs the agency of Clermont Ferrand, comprised of 15 associates, including the R&D team of the new Thelia.

He uses the little amount of time his professional activity leaves him with to spend warm moments with his two children, his partner, and his friends, in their house in Ambert.


Nicolas Duwez

Project Leader

Nicolas joined OpenStudio in 2010, after an already fulfilling career as developer and project leader.

For five years now, he has taken over the development of the activity of major enterprises, especially along with the partnership with the Economie d’Energie society. It is to him that OpenStudio owes the exponential growth of its revenue, for which it received multiple awards in the 10th Deloitte/Fast50 2014 Awards.

Within a few years, Nicolas has found, thanks to his human capacities and managing abilities, the perfect balance between customer and associate satisfaction. In 2012, he became an associate himself and gradually took over the leadership of the agency of Puy en Velay. He supervises 2 project leaders and 15 developers and graphic designers, all of them dedicated to high-profile clients.

Fascinated with new technologies, Nicolas is equally passionate about the area he lives in with his wife and children. He loves relaxing with his family in their farm with a slate roof, which he passionately reconstructed by himself.


Our company has experienced strong growth since its creation in 2006 and has received multiple awards and acclaims.

Fast 50 France

OpenStudio has won awards for two years in a row in the prestigious FAST50 Deloitte competition. Between 2009 and 2013, its 5 year growth has reached +2816%, placing the company on national rank 10


Fast 500 EMEA

In 2014, OpenStudio reached rank 47 in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and is among the top 10 French enterprises.


Entrepreneur Of The Year

In 2014, the leaders of OpenStudio were nominated among the 10 enterprises of Rhône alpes-Auvergne for the competition of Entrepreneur of the Year of the Ernst&Young firm.


OpenStudio participates in the French delegation French Tech. We are regularly selected as ambassadors of France for diverse international events, such as the CES in Las Vegas in 2015 and 2016.

France Digitale

OpenStudio is member of France digitale, which brings together the champions of digital entrepreneurship: start-ups with strong growth plans and potential investors (venture capitalists and business angels). Startups and investors join forces to create the French digital champions.










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